Why, How & Who


To my fellow business owners and community members,

Our business was hit hard after it went up in flames in a devastating fire on February 28, 2020, and it was through the strength and resilience of my team and the overwhelming generosity of the San Antonio community, that we were able to be up and running three days later. As the doors to local favorites begin to shut, I couldn’t stop thinking about how my friends in business, including my own husband, were suffering devastating losses. All I could think was, “How can I help? How can I show up like they showed up for me?” I needed to find way to stimulate their businesses. 
Why not design t-shirts and stickers that we could sell and donate 100% of the proceeds to buying gift cards in bulk from local businesses? By designing something cool, that people could wear and continue the "In This Together" movement, we could help local businesses and then help those who are also suffering job losses in our community. Paying it forward! 
In 24 hours, Sweb and Huarache Turbo put the teams to work on designing the t-shirts, stickers, website and messaging that allowed us to give back to the community we love and help others push through these difficult times.

And now less than 2 weeks after launching this initiative we are in multiple cities in the US helping local communities throughout. 

As receivers of the love and support our community, we understand the importance of showing up when it is most needed. That is why we are starting a campaign to pay the love we were given forward:

  1. We have designed t-shirts and stickers that are available for you to purchase.
  2. The money from these purchases will be used to buy gift-cards in bulk from local food and beverage businesses as well as health & wellness local businesses.
  3. We then distribute the food & beverage gift cards to non-profits that have communities in need. And we distribute the health & wellness gift cards to those on the frontline (health workers, postal workers, grocery store workers, etc.) - as they need all the self care they can get.

Together, we will not only save our businesses, but we will spread love and hope during this difficult time.

You showed up for us when we needed you most, TODAY we show up for those who need us most.


I have been getting a ton of questions on how this is going to work. Who we are going to buy the gift cards from? Who are we distributing the gift cards to?

So here it is...

We are going to focus on 2 main types of local business: Food & Beverage and Health & Wellness. Why? Because everyone has to eat and everyone needs self care these days!

We will buy gift cards in bulk from LOCAL small food and beverage restaurants in your city. 

Who gets them? The Food & Beverage gift cards will be donated to non-profits that serve the local community and have access to large groups of people that are in need of food. 

The Health & Wellness gift cards will go to the front line workers that are keeping us safe, fed, healthy and sane (nurses, firemen, police, grocery store attendants, restaurant employees, etc.) - they need self care the most!

Thanks for being a part of this amazing adventure! 




Magaly Chocano | CEO & Founder of Sweb Development